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About CIHQ

Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional (HACP) is administered by the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ). CIHQ is a member-based organization that helps healthcare entities comply with standards and regulations necessary to improve the quality of care provided in their communities.

Established in 1999, CIHQ is headquartered in McKinney, TX. We provide support to hospitals, home health agencies, long term care facilities, and ambulatory care centers in the area of accreditation compliance.

HACP represents a significant expansion of our services and reflects our beliefs and commitment to the healthcare industry.

  • We believe that competent, professional, and dedicated individuals can make a clear and vital difference both in their organization and in the community they serve.
  • We believe that accreditation standards and regulations provide a necessary safety net for consumers of healthcare, and lay the foundation for providing quality care.
  • Lastly, we believe that individuals who have achieved professional certification in their area(s) of expertise should be recognized and valued for their contribution to the provision of healthcare in our nation.

For more information about CIHQ visit our parent website at www.cihq.org

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